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Problems That Matter - Proposal

May 6, 2024

Our Problems That Matter unit centres our learning around real-world problems in our community. In 2024, our focus is issues that impact young people.

In term 1, our team interviewed six influential elders and changemakers to discuss the work they are doing in our community and to get their perspective on problems that matter in the Blue Mountains. Over four weeks, we met with:

  1. Flinn Donovan: Manager ‑ New Programs at MYST
  2. Uncle Lex Dadd: Dharug Elder
  3. Kalani Gacon & Helena Zadro-Jones: Mountain of Youth
  4. Lis Bastian & Rowe Morrow: Permaculture and social justice warriors

The common themes that emerged from our conversations are:

Building Community

Young People’s Mental Health

Climate Change and Nature


Everyone we have spoken to is looking to create connection and meaning for young people. We see an opportunity for our Problems That Matter project to initiate partnerships with Blue Mountains City Council and other community-focussed organisations to create a series of drug and alcohol-free events designed and driven by young people.

We have identified Civic Place in Katoomba as a potential community-hub for young people. By staging 2-3 of our proposed events in this space, we can test Council and the community’s appetite for this idea. According BMCC, the current works at Civic Place are scheduled to be completed in July 2024. We propose running our first 2 events in Winter at Kindlehill School or another venue and preparing to host our third and fourth events in Spring and Summer in the newly re-opened Civic Place.

By creating a range of events, we hope to appeal to a cross-section of young people and families within our community. It is our hope that, over time, these events become a known quantity and we build a loyalty and interest that allows us to broaden the range of opportunities that we present, engaging young people in conversations about the environment and social justice. We envisage using these events as a way to promote other activities happening in the community and connect young people with peers and resources.



Young people perform at a hosted creative event. Group games facilitated by Blue Mountains Drama set a playful tone and break the ice. Performers register in advance of the event and an open mic section at the end of the program caters for last minute flushes of courage.


Photography portraits of young people by young people dispelling stereotypes and affirming identity. Display in the windows of the Old Library and community spaces in Civic Place. Pilot program for a larger project in 2025; later iterations could include photography holiday workshops through the Cultural Centre or engagement with Art faculties of local high schools.


Young people set up and create a fun-filled evening for high school kids to come and hang out with friends and make new ones too, in a community space. DJ, food stalls, and a couple other stalls.

OUTDOOR CINEMA – Family event

Young people and families bring their own chairs and picnics to this summer evening event. A family-friendly film is projected onto the wall at Civic Place. Popcorn, fairy floss and choc tops sold on the night to fundraise for future events.


Community partnerships will be key to the success of this program, which we are keen to refine with your input. We welcome your feedback and are interested to hear how you may be able to support this initiative.

Georgia Adamson

Georgia Adamson

Senior School, Problems that Matter
Kindlehill School